As seen on Country Calendar. Farming for a resilient, diverse, productive environment.

We’re Align Farms.

At our nine Mid Canterbury farms, we’re focusing on the social, environment, and commercial responsibilities of farming. Advancing human health by producing high-quality, nutrient-rich food
and aligning farming with nature.

Farming for the future

We believe that a regenerative approach will bring Kiwi farmers both economic and environmental benefits. But until now, there’s been very little data on the subject.

That’s why we’re running a multi-year study comparing conventional and regenerative farming. So we can learn the answers to the big questions about farming’s future, and share them with New Zealand’s farming community.

1 team.
9 farms.
1,900 hectares.
4,000 cows.
1,800,000 milk solids.

We own and operate nine farms, sitting between two rivers in
Mid Canterbury.

With a focus on dairy, we use a seasonal, grass-based system – aligning our approach to farming with nature.