Align Clareview

Align purchased Clareview in 2013, and it’s been managed by Kiri Roberts ever since. Clareview is the biggest farm in the group, with 296 effective hectares in the Westerfield district, 25km from Ashburton. The farm milks 1080 cows through an 80 Bail Rotary, with automatic cup removers and in shed meal feeding.

In the 2019/2020 season, Clareview began transitioning into a regenerative system, with 20% of the grazed area planted with mixed diverse species. Now, the farm is split 50:50 for a farm system trial, with one side of the farm running a diverse regenerative system and the other side a conventional system. Data is being collected across a range of indicators and results are being published on our website under "Regenerative Study" so all farmers can learn along with us.

In the 2014/2015 season, Clareview was completely reformatted to improve efficiency and simplify management. The grazing land that adjoins the Ashburton River has been redeveloped into the platform, in consultation with its owner, Environment Canterbury.

  • Location

    Westerfield, Mid Canterbury, New Zealand

  • Shed

    80 Bail Rotary with cup removers & in-shed meal system

  • Irrigation

    90% Pivot Irrigated

  • Supplementation


  • Supplies

    Westland Milk Products






Milk Solids



Farm Team

Kiri Roberts, Farm Manager

Kiri Roberts Clareview Farm Manager

Teddie Mallari, 2IC

Teddie Mallari Herd Manager

Ivy Mendez, Farm Assistant

Ivy Mendez Farm Assistant

Moses Peauafi, All Round Good Guy

Moses Peauafi All Round Good Guy

Clareview and our regenerative study

As part of our study, Clareview will be run 50% regenerative and 50% conventional for at least three seasons. We’re running two herds – one regenerative, one conventional – each on their respective type of pasture. Once we feel we have enough years of data to support our conclusions, the farm will transition to 100% regenerative.