Our Story

We believe it’s possible to minimise farming’s environmental impact, while maximising profitability. We’re learning everything we can about regenerative farming, to help us develop a more sustainable approach. So that tomorrow’s generations can share the same love of farming we enjoy today.

Aligning with nature
since 2012

Align started with a vision to create a multi-generational, pasture to plate, food production business. Our Founding Partners, John Buchanan and Rob Cameron, had a clear goal in mind; finding a better balance for their staff, their farm, and their environment.

Today, Align has grown to six farms and a full-time team of 27. We’re committed to seeking innovative ways to farm, and sharing what we find with farmers across New Zealand.

Our Vision

Our vision is to align with nature to produce nutrient-rich foods. So we can advance human health, improve environmental outcomes, and create a resilient, diverse, and productive environment for everyone to enjoy.

Our Values

One Team

From the boardroom to the field, our people make all the difference. We foster a culture of excellence and collaboration. We aim to be world-leading employers. We offer development opportunities, training, support, and flexible working. Because we believe better people make better farmers.

Responsible Stewards

We’re guardians of our animals, our land, and our environment.

We engage with community stakeholders at every level, sharing our vision and plans for the future. We’re also an active member of the community ourselves, involved in governance, volunteering, sponsorships and more.


We take a long-term view – engaging not just today’s generations, but tomorrow’s too. We connect and work with farming families, both on-the-ground and with our extended team. So we can collaborate with past and future thinkers, and find ways to regenerate resources, not reduce them.


No. 8 wire, milking systems, and all-round Kiwi ingenuity. New Zealand farmers are known for innovation. Business success relies on actively disrupting, not waiting to be disrupted. So we challenge the status quo – harnessing the power of our people to ideate, prototype, and implement change.

Management Team

Rhys Roberts - Chief Executive Officer

Rhys Roberts standing in paddock with cows

Michael Mansour - Chief Financial Officer

Michael Mansour leaning on fence railing at an Align Farm

Clare Buchanan - Head Of Environment

Clare Buchanan leaning on fence railing at an Align Farm