A resilient,
diverse and productive environment

Putting Social and Environmental Responsibilities
at the forefront of commercial activities
by aligning with nature

• Our Story •

Align Farms owns and operates seven farms located in Mid Canterbury, New Zealand.
Our principal focus is dairy, advancing human health by producing high quality, nutrient dense food.
At Align, we have a vision to have a resilient, diverse and productive environment that is enjoyed by all.
We aim to be leaders in our industry in training and retaining our fantastic team while reducing our environmental footprint to allow for multi generations to have the love of farming that we do.

We Are One Team

Our colleagues and partners are what makes the difference.

From our board to our on-farm team, we all agree exceptional people are essential to any business. We offer development opportunities, training and support to incubate talent and develop a culture of excellence, collaboration and innovation. Align is working towards becoming a world leading employment opportunity business, creating a work roster system that allows complete flexibility of work hours. Our philosophy around selecting our team is on the basis that better people, make better farmers.


Align understands that Long term business success relies on a foundation of inter-generational principles. Connecting and working alongside farming families both on farm and with our extended team allows for collaboration with past and future thinking, leading to more prosperous long-term solutions.  

Responsible Stewards

Align believes that an active rural community is key to a performing rural sector. Engagement at all levels with our community stakeholders is promoted and supported and informing the community with our vision and plans is paramount to this. Align is active in the community at all levels from governance, volunteering and sponsorships.

Our Extended Community Team