Align Emilius & Jacawanda

Emilius and Jacawanda are in Ealing, just off State Highway 1. Sam Mallard and Tracey Thomas manage both farms with pride – taking on Emilius in June 2015, then Jacawanda in May 2018.

The two farms were originally one farm, totalling 416 effective hectares. But when Align purchased the land in 2014, Emilius was separated into its own standalone operation.

After being equipped with a new cow shed, calf and implement shed, water system, fencing, 60,000 cubic meter irrigation pond, and a substantial regrassing programme, Emilius was ready to start supplying Synlait Milk by December 2014. Emilius now also supplies A2 Milk. The farm’s irrigation water is provided by Mayfield Hinds Irrigation Scheme and associated groundwater.

  • Location

    Ealing, Mid Canterbury, New Zealand

  • Shed

    Emilius - 60 Bail rotary with cup removers & in-shed meal feeding
    Jacawanda - 80 Bail Rotary with cup removers & in-shed meal feeding

  • Irrigation

    90% Pivot Irrigated

  • Supplementation


  • Supplies

    Synlait - Lead with Pride






Milk Solids



Farm Team

Sam Mallard, Farm Manager

Sam Mallard Farm Manager

Tracey Thomas, Farm Manager

Tracey Mallard Farm Manager

Rajnil Pratap, 2IC

Rajnil Pratap 2IC

Alana Stanik, Farm Assistant

Alana Stanik Farm Assistant

Ankush Kansal, Farm Assistant

Ankush Kansal Farm Assistant

Mackenzie Flett, Farm Assistant

Mackenzie Flett Assistant

Emilius & Jacawanda and our regenerative study

Emilius and Jacawanda both still run on our conventional farming system. This is an important part of our study, as it gives us a benchmark to measure our regenerative-run farms against. To date, our regenerative learnings have been able to inform elements of our conventional farming practices. They have given us the confidence to extend our grazing rounds, introduce diverse pastures, and lower our nitrogen use.