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An Overview of Aligns Regenerative Study

Here at Align we are committed to farming in a sustainable, responsible manner that will ensure our farms are truly intergenerational businesses. To achieve that we are continuously seeking out new, innovative ways to operate with a minimal environmental footprint.

Regenerative farming has become more popular and discussed by New Zealand farmers, and we want to learn more about it, and share what we learn with the dairy sector.
With this in mind, Align Farms has recently embarked upon a regenerative farming trial that will produce information on the new approach’s environmental, economic, social and food quality impacts which we intend to share with the wider farming community.

Align is proud to be the first commercial operator in New Zealand to provide definitive, transparent information on regenerative agricultural practice, and how it can impact on New Zealand dairy farming systems.

We are looking forward to sharing our experiences with farmers also keen to explore this exciting regenerative pathway with us!

"Align’s company mission is to advance human health and environmental outcomes by producing nutrient dense foods, in a resilient, diverse and productive environment all can enjoy."

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