Align Hinterlands

The History of Align Hinterlands

Situated near Mount Somers, Hinterlands is a 525-effective hectare dry stock farm that supports the dairy farms. With Hinterlands location being close to the hills, reliable rain fall is had making this a dry land property.

Upon purchasing in 2013 Hinterlands embarked on and extensive redevelopment including recontouring, fencing and 100% regrassed.

Hinterlands carries all Aligns young stock from 6 months through to 23 months. Cows are also taken through the dry off period at Hinterlands.

In the 19/20 season hinterlands started its transition to a regenerative system planting 10% effective area in mixed diverse species. Our new wintering crop will be a diverse kale mix for the milking herds. Find out more about our regenerative study by clicking here.

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Mount Somers, Mid Canterbury, New Zealand

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Graham & Diana Bell

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