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Align Farms Health & Safety Sign In

Please complete all the details in the form below to be able to sign onto the farm you are visiting.

Please read the information and study the health & safety hazards map for the farm you are visiting and click the boxes to say that you have acknowledged the health and safety information before you can make the box to sign in appear.

We have created a broad policy that will affect our suppliers and contractors. The main points that will affect all parties is the creation of Red, Green and Blue zones on our properties and footbath and spray apparatuses located at cowsheds or agreed locations.

Green Zone – No action required

Red Zone – Do not enter without permission by person in charge (PIC)

Blue Zone – High risk visitor zone IE: Stock disposal. By prior arrangement only.

Here are the links to the Align Farms Hazard Register, and the Hazard Maps to each farm.
Please Note: Farm Map Links will open in a new Window